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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Annual Showing of Paintings at Naples Gallery

In my last email newsletter, I mentioned I'd be announcing an intriguing theme soon for my upcoming annual show in north Idaho. Here's the fun idea I promised! ...Do I hear a drum roll?....

New Gems, Large & Small

by Diana Moses Botkin

Please Join Us at the Exhibit
Opening on Friday June 6
4~9 p.m. at Naples Gallery
(Pirate Costumes Optional!)

Show runs June 6~July 6, 2008

Naples Gallery is located north of
Sandpoint ID, on Highway 95,at Mile 495 1/2
I'll be hanging nearly 100 new paintings at my annual show in less than two weeks in Naples Idaho. This exhibit is always a fun event and a unique opportunity for local collectors to see my framed originals in person. I've been busy this past year painting lots of treasures large and small. I can't wait to share them with everyone! If you'll be in north Idaho, please mark your calendar and save Friday evening June 6, to drop by. Suzanne will have grog and grub for you to enjoy while you peruse the paintings!

I may wear a pirate outfit or at least some big earrings and eyeliner, ala Johnny Depp! How about you?

Here's some useful pirate lingo so you'll be shipshape for a treasure hunt!
Ahoy -- "Hello!"
Blimey! -- Exclamation of surprise. "Blimey! Look at all that art!"
Booty -- Loot, gold. Useful for buying art.
Chest -- Treasure container. We'll have a chest full of art for you!
Deadlights -- Eyes. "Use yer deadlights, Matey! That's art!"
Grog -- Generically, any alcoholic drink. Specifically, rum with water.
Grub -- Food. We'll have some!
Handsomely -- Quickly. "Handsomely now, Suzanne, wrap that up for me!"
Jollyboat -- A small but happy craft.
Lad, lass, lassie -- A way to address someone younger than you.
Me hearties -- Typical address for a pirate leader.
Matey -- Cheerful, if not friendly, address.
Rum -- Traditional pirate drink.
Shipshape -- Well-organized, under control, finished.
Shiver me timbers! -- An expression of surprise or strong emotion.
Smartly -- Quickly. "Smartly there, men!" = "Hurry up with the grog!"
Splice the mainbrace -- To have a drink. Or, perhaps, several drinks.
Swag -- Loot. (see Booty)
Yo-ho-ho -- Useful pirate lingo, whether it actually means anything or not.

Ahoy, Mateys! Blimey!... you aren't on my mailing list!? Contact me smartly and I'll add your email to the list for sending out my newsletters.

©2008 Diana Moses Botkin

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