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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Daily Painting and Sandpoint Plein Air Paint Out

After the Paint Out last week I am going through withdrawal and missing the camaraderie. It was good to see all the artists again, and suffer together in the wind and sun while we painted. Although the Sandpoint Paint Out was a small event this year, we had a productive 3 days.

Friday afternoon we each took plein air pieces framed to Timber Stand Gallery for the Paint Out Opening in the evening, coinciding with ArtWalk. Lots of people were there at the gallery and the other ArtWalk locations around town. The Hallans' Gallery Opening was packed; everyone wanted to see Viggo Mortensen's huge mural photos. 

After Friday night's fun, it was back to work here on the farm. I finished up my article for Art Calendar yesterday (a piece on packing and shipping art) and got photos to the editor this morning. My article in the current issue is "12 Ways Artists Can 'Go Greener'". I've heard from a number of readers that they really like the piece. It's nice to know. 

My daughter snapped the photo above of me on Friday when I was painting in downtown Sandpoint. We actually had hot weather that afternoon. (Well, hot for north Idaho... certainly nothing like down south.) When I sat down to paint I was mostly in the shade, except for my feet. Although I had slathered on the sunscreen, my poor little piggies got red and swollen. 

They're fine now, though, and actually look a bit tan. My husband says that a sign of a life lived with the proper priorities is tanned feet. 

Although I am not usually inspired to paint buildings, I decided to capture this one with the reflective windows.

"Downtown Windows" 
Cityscape/LandscapeOil, 7"x5" 
©2008 Diana Moses Botkin



Cooper Dragonette said...

Great composition and lighting Diana. AND a bit of a departure too yes? Great contrast as well. Well done!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh yes a departure for me, for sure. Thanks for your kind comments, Cooper. This was a challenge to pull together.

onpainting said...

It came out very well. It has the feel of a small town building.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you; that's really nice to hear.

silvina said...

Diana you look so pretty in your cool hat.
I know what you mean about painting buildings, but this came out really well!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Silvina, your sweet comment about me being pretty makes me smile! I guess I have that just roasted sunny glow.

Perhaps I'll try some more buildings some time. While working on this little study, I realized the challenges were different than for painting people or landscapes.

I wound up going back to it later after it dried to bump up the contrast and fix some of the things that didn't look right.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I really like this and you look great in the photo.
I laughed about the tanned feet especially since living in the Northern Climes one would never have them unless one spent regular tanning time in a tropical setting. When I come home from winter in Naples,my feet have sandal strap tan which fades until about now because it's pretty much cool until right around now in New England. I get a T-Shirt and shorts tan from June to Sept and the sandal strap stripes are once again prominent ;)