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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Winner Announced for the Book Giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered the drawing for a free copy of my new little book of daily paintings. Congratulations to Cecelia in Texas, whose name was chosen as the winner of a signed copy of "Gems From the Edge of the Earth".

And for those of you who are disappointed that you didn't win, you can preview the book (see sample pages) and buy if you'd like.

I really enjoy these giveaways because I get to hear from some of you out there in the blogosphere that I don't yet know! A number of the folks who visit here to see my daily paintings I've met personally, and others I've gotten to know through this blog. I value the camaraderie and feedback from all of you who comment and share your thoughts.

Still others of you out there are only names to me at this time... perhaps someday I'll be able to put a face with your name.

And here's my face in a photo snapped by my daughter at the Scotchman Peaks Paint Out Exhibit recently. I'm holding one of my little plein air paintings that had just sold, "Violet Evening". I'm usually not all that pleased with photos of myself and don't think of myself as photogenic, but this one is at least expressive. It says, "Well it was cold and miserable painting out there by the lake but this makes it all worthwhile!"

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