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Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Power; No Paintings; No Posts

Tuesday evening I was working away on a painting. I'd had several set-backs already that day with the challenges of the idea I was attempting to paint. And then, one moment I was painting away and the next moment I was in pitch darkness with a wet painting on my lap and a wet brush in my hand. Our power had gone out.

After locating candles and a flash light, I washed out my brushes and set the painting aside. We were not to regain our electricity until today. Let me say that it's impossible to continue a still life study, dependent on an electric light source for the illumination, without power.

And grey overcast skies during the day do not quite cut it for a natural light source from a window. My respect for the Old Masters continues to grow.

I thought of doing a painting by candlelight but somehow felt unmotivated. Maybe another time.


Paula Bauer said...

Exciting time in Idaho right now, isn't it? We are thankful that the creek stayed in its banks. I've been blogging about the rapid thaw and the resulting mess.

Glad you are back in the 21st century again.

A painting by candlelight is intriguing...I hope you will give it a try!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Yes... exciting. Also a lot more work! I'm so thankful for electricity. Just making coffee the last 2 days was time consuming, not to mention reheating it without the microwave.

A painting by candlelight appeals to me too; I'd like to try it sometime when I have the mental energy and have prepared for it.