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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Keeping up with Daily Painting and everything else!

Here we are three days into 2009 already. I'm having a bit of a struggle wrapping my mind around the year. Two thousand and nine? How did 2008 slip by so quickly?!

I guess it sped by for me pretty fast because I was busy. They say time flies when you're having fun. It also flies when you're working hard. Looking back I see I worked pretty hard, week after week. In 2008 I painted and drew 176 new works (11 more than in 2007, and 50 more than in 2006!).

Art Calendar Magazine published ten articles I wrote for them in 2008. If you don't get Art Calendar, you can read two of my pieces (and a whole lot of other articles) at the magazine's website. Dick Blick is now posting my article which originally appeared in Art Calendar in 2008, "12 Ways Artists Can Go Greener" (with my permission) at their new Green section online.

One of my reports for the magazine was about how artists can use YouTube. Gathering info and communicating with artists who had done this motivated me to produce my own short video demonstrating charcoal drawing. I also made a second video of some of my Daily Paintings. You can see them both at my YouTube channel.

Another of my articles was about using Print-on-Demand book publishing services. Researching that piece made me realize I ought to have a book printed of my work to share with collectors and have available for purchase. I chose a small format book, perfect to showcase my little landscapes. In October I finished "Gems from the Edge of the Earth" and it became available at the publisher's. Here's a story about it at one of our local news sources.

I also took part in two Paint Outs in 2008, did several portraits for collectors, taught a few art workshops, and participated in a number of regional exhibits.

Plus I continued my hobbies of washing laundry and cooking meals.

And I enjoyed very much posting to this blog, reading your comments here, responding, and visiting other bloggers' sites. It's amazing to be connected with people all over the world through this medium. Thank you for staying in touch!


silvina said...

"Hobbies"... you're funny.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

They might as well be hobbies, although technically I s'pose a hobby should be enjoyable.

However, (and I had to get out the 8 pound Oxford for this one since the online Wiki definition didn't satisfy) this is one of the meanings therein: "an individual pusuit to which a person is unduly devoted."

I guess I should add cleaning floors and bathrooms to the list too. Oh such an exciting life I lead!

But I'm very thankful to have a family to care for. They're worth the trouble.