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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please....Here is Our Very First Painting Challenge: Legos!

Last month I proposed a monthly challenge to a group of 8 artists. The idea is for us each to take turns choosing an interesting object to paint each month; something we have never painted before.

We were to all paint without revealing what we were doing with the subject until our set date to reveal them all at once (today!).

I picked our first challenge; a toy figure which shall remain nameless, at the request of the company. I had contacted them to ask about copyright concerns. They said they didn't mind us using the figures in our still life paintings, but ask that we not use the brand name. That way, there is no confusion in the public eye about whether we might somehow be associated with the toy company.

So, in case anyone is wondering if we're official artists for the manufacturer, we are not!

I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as we've enjoyed thinking up these creative pieces.

Although we all painted these for the artistic challenge rather than their sales' potential, if you'd like any of them, they may be for sale. Please contact the artist at their respective blog links. It would be so cool if a collector wanted them all
! Here they are, mine is first and the rest are shown with links to each artist's blog.

"Snow! Why'd it Have to be Snow?!"
Oil on board 3.5"x5"
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin


With apologies to Indiana, the smirk and fedora seemed fitting for this little guy's snow job.

(left) "Cheyenne Funnel Beak" Oil 5"x7" ©2009 Mike Beeman NOW SOLD 

Mike regularly paints birds as subject matter, so his creation for our Challenge seems especially appropriate.

(right) "Call Me Plastic Figure One More Time" Oil 8"x10" ©2009 Silvina Day 

I love how Silvina turned the request to not use the brand name into her painting title.


"Soldier Boy, Please Don't Go"
Oil 8"x10"
©2009 Marie Fox


"The Line Up"
Oil 6"x6"
©2009 Michael Naples


"Anna at Play"
Oil 6"x6"
©2009 Robin Cheers

"Toy Knight Turns Artist"
Watercolor 5"x9"
©2009 Dianne Mize

Dianne had never even seen these toys before I announced it as our first Challenge subject. She told me she got quite attached to the little guy. I love her paint brush substitute for the knight's lance.

"Le' Go my Sake"
12"x6" Oil
©2009 Vicki Ross

I love them all, don't you!? I hope you'll keep watching our blogs for next month's Challenge. We're just getting started on it, but look for the unveiling next month on March 15.

Our March subject, chosen by
Vicki Ross is a secret so I can't reveal what it is... but I can tell you that it's not a plastic figure!


Marie Fox said...

Diana, You did a great job organizing our first challenge. I can see that you're a good people-manager. You even got your little guy to help out by shoveling snow! I really like your miniature winter scene with its strong sense of coldness.

Yes, I was definitely humming "Soldier Boy" while painting mine.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Nice of you to say so, Marie. I sure had fun with the piece, and also putting the whole Challenge together.

The Shirelles did some fun songs, didn't they? "Everybody Loves a Lover" is still one of my favorites.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

These are so cool! Do it again, please.
Now, "soldier boy', is playing in my head.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Mary. We are indeed going to do this again. Look for our next Challenge unveiling on March 15!