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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent Life Drawing Studies

We have a lovely new model for our drawing sessions. She's very responsive to the artists, and also quite interested in what we're drawing. Here is the pick of the litter from my last couple of sittings.

Please contact me if you'd like to own any of these unframed warm-up sketches or longer studies. (Reasonable prices). A few of my life drawings have been spoken for, and some others will be matted and framed to go in the Artists' Salon Show at Redtail Gallery in Sandpoint in April.

"Woman Leaning, Back View"
charcoal on grey paper

"Seated Nude Woman, Front View"
charcoal and chalk on grey paper
(Below left)"Back Study"  SOLD  
charcoal and chalk on
tan cotton charcoal paper

"Woman Sitting, Back View"
pastel on blue cotton charcoal paper

February is disappearing fast, like our melting snow outdoors.

I've been working on a couple of bigger projects, so my daily paintings are suffering a slowdown right now. I'll get back to doing them again after I finish a portrait I've been working on. This is the last of five pastels for long time dear collectors. This last one has been much more difficult than the others because of the reference photo I'm stuck with.

I usually take my own references which are almost always better than relying on existing photographs.This family wanted to make sure all their young children have been painted by me, but there was a problem with getting photos of this last child because he had grown up while we were out of touch for a few years. Long story short; I'm struggling to paint something nice from an existing poor photo. I'm chipping away at it, though, and staying the course.

I have an upcoming trip to Billings, Montana for the Yellowstone Art Museum Exhibit and Auction. I'll also participate in the Quick-Draw, which kicks off the gala event. Two of my original oils have been accepted for the show and I'll paint an entirely new piece in one hour for the Quick-Draw on March 7, one week from this Saturday.

Quick-Draw events are quite the "fast act". Artists paint furiously to get enough down on canvas to make a good picture before time is up. Simplicity is key. Although I rarely call a painting finished in an hour, even something postcard size, it's a really fun exercise and a bit of a self-induced "contest". There is always excitement at the Quick-Draws to watch artists transform a blank canvas into a picture in such a short time. If you're at the show, I hope you'll introduce yourself and cheer me on.


Catherine said...


I love "Back Study". It is a very elegant portrayal--quite beautiful.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks for saying so, Catherine. It's also one of my favorite recent pieces.

Edward B. Gordon said...

fantastique !!!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Edward, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment for these sketches. It is always wonderful to know that my favorite artists are also enjoying my own work. Happy painting!

sfox said...

Really beautiful drawings, Diana. Hope you sell them all!

There's a life drawing session not far from where I live and your post reminds me that I need to look into it. Even as an animal artist, there's no substitute for drawing from the live figure.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh I so agree! I think drawing the figure informs all my other work. It's funny you stopped by... I was thinking yesterday that being in practice drawing the human form would surely help me draw animals if I ever make it to Julie's workshop! Maybe someday!