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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Challenge Group; Shoes (Mine are with Legos)!

I debated with myself about which device of torture I should paint for this month's challenge "Favorite Shoes", chosen by Silvina Day.

Even though I haven't been to ballet class for years, I decided my pointe shoes are my first choice for favorites, and I found a couple of old pairs stuck in a bag in my closet with my leg warmers, bandaides and a roll of athletic tape.

I was never a big Moody Blues fan, but I heard their songs in the 70s and the title intruded on my thoughts as I was considering my still life set-up, which seemed rather plain with the shoes alone. Those legos just begged to be part of my Challenge idea again. So, here is my contribution to our April Challenge, "Knights in Pink Satin".

7 x 5", Oil on board, in decorative gold frame
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

And here are the fun paintings from the rest of
our Challenge Group. Looks like almost everyone loves red shoes!

(left) “Red Slippers” 6 x 6", Pastel on Canson paper ©2009 Mike Beeman
(center) "The Red Shoes" 12 x 12", Oil on canvas ©2009 Marie Fox(right) "Decisions" 8 x 9", Oil on paper board ©2009 Robin Cheers

"Baby Shoes"
6 x 6", Oil on board
©2009 Michael Naples

8 x 10", Oil on panel
©2009 Vicki Ross

"Red Silk Espadrilles"
11 x 14"
Oil on canvas"

©2009 Silvina Day


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What a great challenge! These are all beautiful. I really like the Theme of Knights in Pink Satin too!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh thank you, Mary. We all enjoyed this Challenge a lot, I think. It was interesting to see what we all chose to paint with the same subject.

Juno K said...

Hi I'm a student taking art class and have assignment that choose the favorite work of contemporary artist from a list on
http://carolmarine.blogspot.com/ I like your "Knights in Pink Satin". If you don't want to be chose, please let me know.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

You don't say what is involved in being chosen, Juno. You'll have to be more specific.

If you plan to reproduce any art for your "assignment", you may NOT do this.

My work is copyrighted. You must obtain my permission in writing to reproduce my art in any way.

You do NOT have my permission.