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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is the Greek word for "peaceable", which describes this relaxing scene of Mama with her nursing newborn.
©1989 Diana Moses Botkin

Original was sold to Evansville Museum of Art in 1989. This painting was also the top award winner at the 42nd Annual Mid-State Exhibition at the museum the same year.


Donna PierceClark said...

Diana, this is so precious,a stunningly beautiful painting!....and timely, especially in light of the recent happenings in our government, the lack of support for true motherhood, the strong foundation for this nation.

Carol Nelson said...

Beautiful painting of a serene moment you captured so well.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks for the kudos, Donna and Carol. This is one of my favorites. I don't know why I haven't gotten around to posting it until now!

Donna, more and more, our society is looking more and more like Huxley's "Brave New World" where "Motherhood" is a dirty word.

May God help us.

Dar Presto said...

Beautiful! A really lovely piece.Thanks for sharing it.

Sometimes I miss those days of not having to decide what's for dinner;)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Haha.... do you mean for the kids?

Or do you mean that with a newborn husband or friends might make dinner?

I'm enjoying a little of that now recuperating from my ankle surgery. Well... "enjoying" might not be totally accurate, but it IS nice that my husband can make dinner while I'm supposed to be resting with my foot up.

It's pretty hard to stand on one foot for very long.

http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

This is beautifully designed and painted. I would guess these sell very well. If not there is something wrong with the marketing of your work.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks, Bill (or is that Lisa?).

Even with all the labor of studying and putting brush to canvas, marketing the work is the hard part!