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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Figure Studies

I've been busy finalizing my show that opens this Friday for Sandpoint's ArtWalk. My tasks this week include varnishing and framing paintings, and that least favorite but necessary chore... paperwork.

So, while I'm away from my paints and brushes for a few days, I thought I'd share some recent figure drawings from Open Studio.

You can contact me if you're interested in either of these, framed or unframed.

(left) "Torso Study, Arms Up" 18"x12"
Charcoal and Chalk on Grey Paper
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

(below) "Hand Shadows" 18"x12"
Charcoal and Chalk on Grey Paper
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Our Artists' Salon Open Studio is still meeting most Monday evenings to sketch from a live model. These are a couple of the quick studies from our last session. Our model was a petite and muscular young woman who seemed very comfortable in her skin.

I find that a big piece of soft willow charcoal and white chalk applied on grey or colored paper is the perfect medium for these somewhat Impressionistic figure studies. If you'd like to see how this technique works, take a look at my charcoal demo on YouTube.

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