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Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Faire and Live Portrait Sketches

This past weekend was our local Art Faire at Naples Gallery in north Idaho, a three-day event with art, music and food. I showed paintings, large and little, and did live portrait sketches.

 It's a challenge to prepare for a big exhibit. I rarely do outdoor shows. And to be on my feet talking to people all day long at a live event, especially since my ankle break last spring, is quite tiring. 

However, with some help from dear Suzanne who runs the gallery, and my husband and son loading and unloading all the stuff in the car, this event went smoothly for me. I'm thanking the Lord!I met a lot of nice folks who dropped by my booth and I saw a number of my faithful local collectors. It was enjoyable talking to other artists, musicians and food artists who participated, too. 

During a break, I even got to watch one of the artisans construct a hand-made glass and silver marble (which I bought for a very reasonable price). Perhaps you'll see it in a painting one of these days!This lovely young lady at left was a pleasure to sketch as she sat for me so calm and still. Drawing faces is one of my favorite activities. It's such a pleasant job! Maybe I'd feel different about a job like that if I was working somewhere like Disneyland... or maybe not. But I figure this is a lot easier than going to Anaheim to work!

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