Welcome to my Art Blog! I paint or draw most weekdays and sometimes finish a painting a day. I fondly call them my "Postcards from Paradise" because it's such a beautiful place the Lord made here for us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Figurative Studies

(top, left)
"Prone, with Knee Down"

Original Charcoal and Chalk on Blue Paper
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Please contact me if you would like either of these tasteful nudes.
"Back View on Bar Stool"
Original Charcoal and Chalk
on Grey/Green 100% Cotton Charcoal Paper
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin


http://www.onpainting.wordpress.com said...

This is a nice piece. So does this mean you drink at a nudist bar?

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Haha...no, Bill, it means our model for our drawing sessions was sitting on a bar stool. I don't believe there are any nude bars in north Idaho.