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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Vintage Winsor Newton" Art Supplies Daily Painting

Original unframed oil painting 4"x6"
Vintage paint tubes still life
©2009 Diana Moses Botkin

In my old paint box, which was my father's, is a variety of older and newer tubes of oil paints.

A few of them date back to a purchase I made in the early 1970s of a bunch of Winsor Newton oils that were on close-out at the University book store. I guess the outdated tubes were being replaced by new packaging or cleared out to make room for better selling merchandise.

I've used almost all that bargain supply over the years except these last two tubes. They're still good. I've often been amazed at how far those tubes of student grade paint have gone. They're richly pigmented, buttery and superior to many of the brands I've used in the past few decades. One certainly doesn't find this kind of quality pigment in an inexpensive paint anymore. Cheap oil paint now is diluted with all kinds of fillers. Most companies have changed their formulas and just don't make oils like they used to, although t
here are some exceptions.


Chris Chalk said...

Hi Diana, funny enough I still use the odd tube of 50 year old paint my mother used to use. The paint in them is as good as ever. They're W n' N too.
Great work n' keep creating, Chris

Diana Moses Botkin said...

It's interesting to see how that particular London line from WN changed. I've acquired some of the paints from the subsequent formula which are inferior to the tubes I've shown in my painting. It's sad to me.

Donna PierceClark said...

I have some older (70's) oils and my yes! they are superior! And to still be in excellent quality!!

Beautiful painting, Diana!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

As you've noticed, oil paints in tubes keep a long time, unless the lid is not screwed on well. I've also had trouble with tubes that froze or got hot and leaked out extra oil. Still, they're good... just messy.