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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Drawings From Almost 40 Years Ago

My cousin Sue sent me pictures of these old drawings. I had sketched her and sis Becky one time during a visit a long time ago.

In 1972 when these sketches were made, I was in college. I drew a lot during those years, even though I was doing freelance commercial art to pay bills and trying to learn to paint realistically at an art school which, at the time, emphasized abstract art. I learned the most from simply carrying a sketch book and also enrolling in a lot of life drawing classes. Even though there was little instruction from the "teacher", having the model to draw from was worth a lot.

It's fun to see these small studies which really do look a lot like my cousins. I always did enjoy faces and trying to capture a likeness.

These were totally forgotten until she emailed me the photos. It's fun to see them

We must've had fun making Sue's smooth 'do into something so wild and curly.

©1972 Diana Moses


Marie Fox said...

Diana, these are gorgeous drawings! It's a treat, isn't it, to discover such accomplished art in your portfolio from long ago. A powerful affirmation of your need and desire to be an artist. Your comment about my Necklace painting struck me with an insight. I hadn't thought of the small focus against the larger whole. Thank you for this epiphany! Marie

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Once in awhile I stumble on some of my earlier work, like when my cousin sent me these. It is indeed a treat to see the skill evident even in these quick sketches.

A few years ago, my folks sent me some pieces from my childhood and one they'd saved from my highschool efforts. I also have a few sculptures packed away from high school. One of these days I'll dig these out and show them for fun... on my blog, perhaps.

I'm glad my comment about your necklace painting was helpful Marie! I too really enjoy the feedback I get from comments on my blog about my work.