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Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Abstract Daily Paintings

It's nice to have the photographing and inventorying of drawings from last year caught up. Now I'm back to daily painting. But first I had to prepare panels, as my supply of various sizes was dwindling.

The prep work takes more time than you might think. Many of the sizes I use are not easily available for purchase, especially the miniature panels. So I buy larger sizes and cut them down on the saws in the garage. It's really cold out there this time of year!

After the panels are sanded, I add more primer front and back. Sanding between coats keeps the surfaces smooth, although I don't mind a little bit of texture. But very much texture, is hard to work with for miniatures.

I have several paintings in the works that you won't see for awhile, but here are a few fun miniature abstracts. They're my little "sandbox" pieces because they are just for amusement and don't have to be anything reconizable or make a serious statement.

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