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Friday, April 15, 2011

April Challenge: Limited Strokes Painting

This month's very challenging Challenge is the brainchild of Robin Cheers. She told us a little about the 7 strokes painting exercises and said we could use as many as 15 strokes. I'd never tried anything like this before and was pretty scared!

However, once I actually put brush to canvas I found it very interesting (and challenging) to plan the strokes and move my loaded brush around to paint the form.

I chose a simple apple for my first try at this and enjoyed it immensely as a warm-up. I'll post more info on my efforts later. For now, here is the one that turned out the best, the pick of the littler of my limited stroke sketches.

"7 Stroke Apple"
Original oil on canvas
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin

What an interesting and useful Challenge this one was! Thank you, Robin. Here are the rest of the group's limited stroke paintings. Aren't they fun?!

Oil on canvas
©2011 Ruth Andre

Oil on panel
©2011 Robin Cheers

(left below)
"One Duck in 15 Strokes" Oil on canvas 10"x10" ©2011 Suzanne Berry
(right below) "7-stroke to Place" Oil on canvas 9"x13" ©2011 Vicki Ross


A Painter's Journal said...

Great results Diana! I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge. I'm wringing my hands in a sinister way as I think of an even more diabolical challenge for my next choice. bwahahahaha

Jane Hunt said...

What a great challenge - fun to see the results!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Robin, even though I dreaded this one, I found I wanted to keep trying this so will have to get back to it soon. It's habit forming!

Jane, thanks for dropping by!

suzanneberry said...

how traumatic was that? your apple calmed little suz down. when she saw one object she felt better and more able to meet the challenge. but you're right! it hurt...good. love what you did and appreciate the inspiration!

Ruth Andre said...

Diana, You did so well on the little apple to paint it in just 7 strokes. The brushwork and the color are quite fun.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Suz, I'm so glad the apple calmed you down and you were able to meet the challenge!

This one was indeed traumatic in anticipation but actually sort of fun to do. How weird is that?

Thanks Ruth. I had a lot of trouble visualizing how to do the strokes beforehand, so just had to jump in with both feet and try it. It got a little more natural after doing two or three.

Because I had never actually seen anyone demonstrate this sort of exercise with the limited brushstrokes it took some hands-on efforts to get a feel for how to make it work.

Like all our Challenges, I'm really glad to have tackled it! Maybe that sounds a bit silly... it's only a little exercise, after all. But it sure felt like more than that before I'd tried it.