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Monday, July 25, 2011

Paint Out and "Evening Light on the Grand Fir"

Last week was the paint out which my husband and I host once a year for our local art group. We meet for monthly critiques and treats at artist Jean Mace's home. She and husband Lew have hosted the monthly gatherings for a couple of decades.

For our paint out, everyone gathered here to paint and share a pot luck meal.
The weather was good for painting outdoors, with partly sunny skies. We'd had rain the day before, so I was a bit concerned that we might get wet.

But it turned out to be a great day with some clouds for variety in the sky.

We all enjoyed the good food each person brought for our lunch, and the camaraderie of painting together.

It's always interesting to see where everyone decides to paint. Even when I've painted side by side with other artists, we usually are not looking at exactly the same spot. Like my Challenge Group, everyone has their own ideas about what they want to do or learn.

I chose to paint this favorite tree. It's quite tall and even though it has had some breakage from wind, it's very graceful.

I see it often and especially enjoy it in the evening light when the bark lights up with warm colors.

(left) "Evening Light on the Grand Fir"
Original oil painting, unframed
plein air sketch 10"x8"

©2011 Diana Moses Botkin


Ruth Andre said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful painting group gathering. Love the graceful tree you chose to paint. Very nice.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you, Ruth. I love that tree also!

Our painting group did indeed have a good time together. If you're ever up here at the edge of the earth, I hope we can do some painting together.