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Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Challenge: B&W to Color to Study Values

Our puzzler this month was from group member Robin Cheers. She emailed a black and white photo to all of us last month and asked us to use it to make a color painting, adding the color in the same values as what the grey tones were in the reference.

(left) "Fetching" Oil on hardboard 10"x8"
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin

After painting, we were to change the image in Photoshop and see what it looked like in B&W, then compare the values to the original reference photo.

Although I didn't quite get the values matched to the reference picture, I left it as painted. I felt the original photo was a bit contrasty and hard to read, so I used my artistic license to help it read better.
This made for a good Challenge. Although I've worked from B&W references before, it's been awhile. Plus, it can be tricky painting from someone else's photo, trying to figure out what's going on.

(above left) "Thursday" Oil on canvas 16"x20" ©2011 Suzanne Berry
(above right) "Summer Chores" Oil on panel 11"x14" ©2011 Robin Cheers

(left) "Untitled"
Oil on canvas, 8x10"
©2011 Sharman Owings

(below left) "It's A Wash"

Oil on canvas
, 8"x6" ©2011 Ruth Andre 

(below right) "Fresh Sheets" Watercolor on aquabord, 11"x14"©2011 Vicki Ross


Laura Sweet said...

love this, what a pleasure to see how the photo was interpreted.

suzanneberry said...

i love your challenge response diana! beautifully done. posting a b&W version next to the painting was a stipulation wasn't it? oops. anyway, i love this!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

It's hard to remember EVERYTHING! Getting all those photos into the blog post as a decent arrangement was a challenge in itself.

Ruth Andre said...

Diana, Loved your painting and you did a great job posting the paintings and the reference and the gray scale of your painting. Love seeing how everyone interpreted the reference photo.