Welcome to my Art Blog! I paint or draw most weekdays and sometimes finish a painting a day. I fondly call them my "Postcards from Paradise" because it's such a beautiful place the Lord made here for us.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paintings to Galleries and Patrons

I've been finishing up some commissions, and packing up new work for two galleries.

It's the "busy season" for projects, as well as time with family and friends. During the dark winter months, the special people in my life are more important than ever.

(above) "Extraordinary Storm Colors" 3.5" x 10" Oil ©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

This wide format piece is one of my little jewels delivered to Out Skirts Gallery in Hope, Idaho. Kally Thurman's remarkable art showroom on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille is a must-see if you're in north Idaho.

I've also sent a box of my figurative and landscape paintings to Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro, North Carolina. If you're in the area, please stop in and tell Ray I sent you!


mary maxam said...

Hi Diana, I will have to check out the gallery sometime, they are lucky to have your gems. This is so so lovely!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

How kind of you to say that, Mary. Thanks so much. Let me know if you're coming through Sandpoint and perhaps we could meet for coffee.

David Patterson said...

Beautiful panoramic painting, Diana!! I need to drop by more often! :)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I'm so glad you dropped by, David. It's always nice to hear from you.