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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two Recent Cat Studies

I'm working on a cat painting commission for a collector. It's larger than most of my "daily" paintings and some of the texture in the piece requires layering, so drying time takes awhile.
The piece is nearing completion and I'm trying not to ruin it or overwork it.During the drying times I've had a chance to paint a couple of smaller studies of my fascinating felines.

Our cats are outdoor pets and regularly leave us gifts of mice and other rodents on our doorstep.

They are very social creatures and often keep me company if I'm working outside. When I'm indoors I often see them sitting in the windows in the sun. It is interesting to see how they patiently watch the brush for movement.

Their own movement is graceful and purposeful whatever their interest.

(top painting)
"Fluid Movement" Original unframed oil 6"x4" ©2012 Diana Moses Botkin 

(painting at left)
"Cat Patterns"

Original unframed oil

©2012 Diana Moses Botkin


Susan Roux said...

Diane, it seems we have the same cats except mine are long haired. My black Midnight is ready to pop any day now. It should be fun to watch a litter and the reaction of the other cats... Congrats on your commission.

hmuxo said...

Two beautiful cats, Diana. The fur looks so soft..I can almost feel it..and the first one looks like the stalker...LOL Again, you did an amazing job with the two, as always!!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you, Susan and Hilda, for dropping by and leaving your fun comments.

Susan, I can't wait to hear more about the kittens! I was just thinking lately that I would love to watch some little cats romp and play.

Hilda, I guess my grey cat IS a stalker. He's a fine hunter and spends many hours out on our farm dispatching rodents. He definitely earns his keep.

Ruth Andre said...

Diana, You have captured the cat beautifully. The fur is so real and so soft looking. Perfect!

Anja Essler said...

Both are absolutely lovely; great paintings!

Anja Essler said...

Both cats are abolutely lovely - great paintings!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Ruth, I appreciate you dropping by to leave your encouragement.

Anja, thank you for your comment. It is nice to make your acquaintance.

Kevin said...

Love it!

Kevin said...

Love it!