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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Work at The Garden of Artistry

Ponderay Gardens, near Sandpoint, presented The Garden of Artistry this past weekend.

I was honored to be invited to exhibit with 30 artists. I got to rub elbows with well-known painters and sculptors (who happen to live in beautiful north Idaho but show and sell all over world!) Terry Lee, Kyle Paliotto, Gabe Gabel, Joe Kronenberg, and Betty Billips.
Wow, what a show!

I don't usually do outdoor art fairs but made an exception for this one because of the nearby location and the opportunity to be with some of the artists whose work I admire.

Also, it's wonderful to talk to people, firsthand, who love my work, see friends/collectors who drop by, and meet new collectors who've jumped in with both feet to buy my art.

I sold some, and I bought some, too. It was a sweet opportunity to add new pieces to my collection. I'm looking forward to seeing how these new paintings speak to me and teach me. I know I'll enjoy them.

Something else I enjoy, although it is hard mental work, is to do live portrait sketches. It is an interesting challenge to capture a likeness of a stranger in 20 minutes or so (and a great excuse to stare at someone).

These photos show several I did at the show. I loved sketching each one, but I think the drawing I like best is Martin's.

A smart and helpful young man, he reminded me of Tintin.


portrait painting said...

Beautiful portrait drawings. you didn't mentioned price there?

cabinart said...

Very very impressive, Diana! (and more than a little intimidating - you are very brave.)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Portrait painting, price varies with size, but I offered a great deal for the art show. Doing live sketches on location is much easier and less work than it is by mail.

Jana, haha... I don't know about brave... simply fascinated with faces and personality.

hmuxo said...

Amazing likeness, Diana!! You did an amazing job with these portrait drawings!!!!