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Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is Number 30 of 30 Pieces This Month!

"Carrying the Ball" 
Charcoal/chalk on matt board
Unframed, approximately 10"x5” 
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

It's been an interesting excursion doing the challenge of 30 pieces in 30 days! A number of tasks were set aside this month as I made sure to create something new for each day.

Today I had a very difficult time trying to come up with a final piece. I had originally thought I would finish a small oil I started last week but realized today that I would need more time to bring it to completion.

So I went on a hunt for an interesting reference and finally found one that seemed just right since Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend.


hmuxo said...

Congratulations on the completion of this wonderful challenge, Diana!!! You did an incredible job with all 30 and it was a pleasure to have followed!! I love your last painting of this beautiful little girl and definitely appropriate for the game!!!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Hilda, you've been a faithful follower and encourager for this whole challenge. I appreciate it very much! Happy painting to you.

Ruth Andre said...

Diana, Congratulations on your 30-30 Painting Challenge. You have done an outstanding job painting a gem each day.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks so much for cheering me on, Ruth.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Diana, Your work is so beautiful and this piece is also very charming. Who is not moved by a child?

Congratulations of completing the challenge and thank you for your remarks on my blog.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Carol, I appreciate you dropping by here, as well, and your support!

And yes, I think most of us respond to a child. Babies and small children (along with young animals) can slip by our harder shells pretty easily.