Welcome to my Art Blog! I paint or draw most weekdays and sometimes finish a painting a day. I fondly call them my "Postcards from Paradise" because it's such a beautiful place the Lord made here for us.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Twenty-three Means a Week to Go!

"Hands Behind" 
Charcoal/chalk on grey cotton paper
Unframed, approximately 11"x8” 
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

Hands can be tricky. Sometimes the position makes it hard to see how many fingers are there. The mind wants to put them in whether they can be seen or not. So, ideally, the brain fills in what the eyes can't see.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Very nice Diana. You are right about the number of fingers, the mind does want them to be there. This is beautifully done.

hmuxo said...

I have been catching up with all your previous paintings, Diana. They are all AMAZING.!!! This one is wonderful as well. Hands are not easy to paint...you did beautifully as always.

Ruth Andre said...

This is such a sensitive piece. Love it!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Carol: interesting, isn't it, how our minds work? I'm trying to remember that I don't need to put in everything.

Hilda: hands and feet can indeed be a challenge. This position of the hands was especially so, and I'm glad the study turned out.

Ruth: I like that. I hope much of my work is sensitive. Thank you for the nice compliment!