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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drawing in Florence

This is my second study I did of the David, while in Florence recently. When I was working on this sketch, people stopped by and offered encouraging remarks or ask questions.

One of the guards there checked my progress every once in awhile and I asked him what it was like, being there with such a treasure every day. "Is it like a miracle?" I wondered.

He explained that it is difficult to enjoy being there because he has to constantly watch the crowd. But he did offer that his favorite place to look at the sculpture was where he could see the face, about ninety degrees to the right, from my position in the gallery.

One of the other guards told me she felt it was a privilege to be there with the art every day.

“David Study” (after Michelangelo)
Charcoal and chalk on Canson 12"x9" Unframed
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Okay - I am still jealous but managing to deal with it.
Great sketches and I thank you for bringing back wonderful memories. oh oh...back to being jealous again!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I hope you can visit Florence if you haven't already. It is an amazing and inspiring place.

I would really like to spend some extended time there and am thinking how I could possibly work that out!

hmuxo said...

There are no words on how I feel about this painting...You did a fantastic job and how I wish I can go to Florence!!!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you, Hilda! If you can ever manage it, I highly recommend a visit there to see all the wonders.

Michelangelo's work is in several places there, along with other art heroes including Donatello, Caravaggio, da Vinci, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, Giotto, and many others.

Celeste Bergin said...

How fantastic that you visited Florence! wow! You did what I love to do--to sketch a great work of art...and this one is the greatest! Isn't it wonderful to spend time observing. You got the oversized hand just right!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh thank you, Celeste! Yes, the time observing was wonderful, and instructive... and made me want to just stay there.

I think I could visit the David (and many other pieces in Florence) to observe and draw and get some mighty good drawing experience.