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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuscany Awakes

Casole d'Elsa, the ancient walled city just up the hill from our hotel offered amazing views and other surprises, as well. At the top of the city one can see more old cities on hilltops. Those Italians must like to dig, for all the wells had to be quite deep.

We stumbled on Verrocchio Art Centre there in the city and talked to Nigel Konstam, director and sculptor. He explained how the Greeks used body casting for some of their sculptures.

I started this study our last morning at the lovely Hotel Terre Di Casole. It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to paint fast enough to capture fleeting conditions like this scene, even in a small study. The rising light and fragile fog soon changed. The panorama before me as I painted moved to something much less dramatic than my initial impression.

What I had seen when I first stepped out on the chilly balcony and looked out at the landscape after awakening from my comfortable sleep was something like this painting.

I had to add to it and just finished making it like my original intention.

"Rousing The Hills"
Original oil 5x7" unframed
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Very interesting reading about your trip and following along through your sketches and paintings. Italy is my favorite place in the world, so I have enjoyed reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful misty light in this Diana. :)

Gerald Schwartz said...

Oh my! Looking at your work is making miss Italy. I can see from your paintings your mind is roaming and capturing all that there is... Wonderful work once again.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Carol: I'm delighted to hear that! I would enjoy reading about your trips to Italy, too. Please let me know if you post something.

Crystal: thank you for dropping by. It's great to hear from you.

Thank you, Gerald. I hope to see some Italy paintings at your site sometime!

hmuxo said...

Such a beautiful landscape, Diana.
I feel like you're taking us with you to this beautiful place. I love the rolling hills and gorgeous sky that looks so realistic!!

suzanneberry said...

this is lovely diana! and to look out in the morning and see this must have been wonderful. i must make time to read about your journey.

and thank you too for your comment. i can't bear looking at that claw, but you're right, at least now it looks unprofessional.

again, beautiful painting my friend!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Hilda, I'm pleased to read that you feel like you're there!

Yes, Suzanne, I know the feeling all too well! For me, it's a nice surprise to see that some paintings actually worked pretty well from my earlier work. The others... one must simply smile when the collector says how much they enjoy the painting every day.

mary maxam said...

great post as always Diana and the edges on those clouds are excellent!