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Monday, July 15, 2013

Moses Botkin Challenge for July: Eggs

Pencil drawing on paper
approx. 7.5"x9"
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

An alternate title for this could be "Three Birds with One Stone". (Please contact me if you would like to own this original drawing.)

Our subject for this month's Challenge is brought to you from group member Vicki.

You might recall that one of our Challenge goals is to paint or draw something we have not done before. Although I've painted an egg or two in the past, I figured there were plenty of aspects about the subject that I could do.

And then I remembered a concept I had thought about awhile ago but never got around to trying. I had picked up an egg-shaped rock somewhere and considered that it would be fun to pose it with eggs.

So this month's Challenge was the perfect excuse to do that, and I figured my pencil drawing skills could use the practice too.The rock has been buried under some stuff on my desk for maybe a couple of years, just waiting.

I hope you enjoy these fun interpretations of our subject.

Vicki has been tackling various mixed drinks for the past few Challenges, as subjects. Her clever juxtaposition of objects makes for a whimsical visual treat.

(left) "Dusk Flip" 12" x 16" pastel
©2013 Vicki N. Ross  
Suzanne's painting is typical of her work: wonderful! I always enjoy her take on whatever subject she chooses to paint. And her technique forever fascinates me. I loved her comment when she sent the painting image to Vicki and me, "Here are my eggs, not cooked but done."

(last image) "Seeing Double"
48x36" oil on heavyweight canvas
©2013 Suzanne Berry


suzanneberry said...

beautifully drawn Diana, i love the softness and composition...makes me wanna pick up a pencil. lovely!

mary maxam said...

These all show such individual thought and approaches and while that is always true- it seems even more so with this challenge. Love your 3 eggs cozy together and then the 'imposter'!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Suzanne: Thank you! I had not used pencil much as a medium for quite some time but I'm finally enjoying it.

Mary: The variety is one of the charms of the Challenge, I think. It's always so fun to see what each member does in response to our puzzler. Thanks for your kind remarks!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Love the stone in there and enjoyed the alternative title. Clever! Your pencil work has a beautiful sensitivity to it. I like your figure work in pencil too.

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Well, duh! I didn't realize it was a stone (although now that I know it is obvious)...I really thought it was a duck egg or something. Love your pencil and charcoal work!

hmuxo said...

I love all three of these painting, Diana!! Your drawing is done so well with pencils. I think its such a wonderful exercise. Excellent work as always!!

Susan said...

Well done, Diana! And such a challenging subject. There are no wrinkles in eggs!