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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Portrait Demos

During my trip south, along with escaping the Idaho winter, I also was able to teach a portrait workshop in Oklahoma City.

This was a two day class with three live models. I showed how to capture a likeness using charcoal and chalk, and also how to approach a portrait study in oil.

On another occasion, I gave a charcoal drawing demonstration at U.S. Grant High School in OkC.

These sketches are all from those demos.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

You really do capture not only a likeness but also the personality of the person.
I enjoyed seeing all the portraits you managed to do on your journey.
I have a hard time getting noses to protrude so am in awe of your skill.

Ann said...

These are beautiful. Well done!!!

David Patterson said...

Love your graphite work, Diana!

hmuxo said...

These portraits are all so beautiful, Diana! I'm not sure how I missed your previous work but they are all amazing! I hope you weren't near the tornadoes in Oklahoma!!

Dean H. said...

These portraits share a feeling of elegance, Diana! Very nicely done!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thank you, Julie! It's good to read your kind remarks. I agree that noses can be a challenge. Ears, too!

Ann, Hilda and Dean, thanks so much.

David, these are charcoal sketches rather than graphite. Graphite is good stuff, but not as nice for the darks, and not so forgiving as charcoal.