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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Charcoal Studies on Watercolor Paper

These drawings on watercolor paper turned out to look quite different from the ones I've done on charcoal paper or the grey paper I often use for quick sketches.

More often than not, I prefer to work on a medium tone paper (such as grey or tan) but I had this heavy white watercolor paper in my drawing satchel and it sort of called to me.

I think it said, "Try something different for a change"... or maybe it was, "Don't be afraid to work out of your comfort zone".

I liked using it, although it was not forgiving for changes. That's one of the reasons I usually prefer the cotton charcoal paper. It's fairly easy to wipe lightly drawn mistakes off with a sleeve or rag when using the cotton paper. But I did adjust to the working qualities of the watercolor paper, and the texture made for interesting results.


Susan said...

Such lovely, sensitive work, Diana. I like the texture of the paper as well. The life drawings you have posted over the last few blog entries are just spectacular. You have such a feel for the human figure and a wonderful ability to capture magic in your life drawings.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

The first one grabs me most. Is it the pose I am so familiar seeing my daughter using, I wonder. I know if would make a wonderful painting. I love using gouache over charcoal and leaving some of the dark power of the charcoal showing. Have you tried it?

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks so much for dropping by, Gals. Susan, I love your supportive comments: much appreciated!

I appreciate your excellent input, Julie. Although I sometimes use pastel over charcoal, I've not yet tried gouache with it.

Funny you should mention this, though, because I recently purchased some of the paint to try. It's on my list of things to do!