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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plein Air Skyscapes

"High Against the Sky" Original oil 10"x8"
©2014 Diana Moses Botkin

Although portrait and figurative subjects are my favorites, I also love painting skies. Landscapes, especially in beautiful light, continue to inspire.

When I first tried plein air work, I was surprised how impossible it felt to capture a scene before it changed completely! During the past decade of painting on location I have managed to pull together some decent pieces and also wipe off more than a few failures. Rubbing shoulders with other plein air painters shows me I'm not alone with the difficulties.

"Storm Silhouette"
Original oil, 7"x7"
©2014 Diana Moses Botkin 

This second painting I've been looking at for almost a month since I put down the paint. I knew I wanted to tweak that cloud shape just slightly. I noticed after I painted it that it was a little too symmetrical, so I've finally added a teensy bit of volume to one side.

I can show you these two small pieces that I'm not wiping off or painting over! I hope you enjoy them. Please contact me if you would like more information about them.


Nancy Goldman said...

I like both of these paintings but I'm especially attracted to the trees. I love the colors and shapes you've created. To me, trees are really hard to depict. I always make them look stunted and unnatural so I'm really impressed by yours.

Connie said...

These are beautiful, Diana - you are such a versatile artist!

Dean H. said...

Wow! I really love the fantastic tree painting!! The one with the cloud is super....but that TREE is outstanding!!!:)

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I appreciate you dropping by to comment, Connie. Thanks for your kind encouragement!

David Patterson said...

Beautiful paintings, Diana...love that tree!! Hope your summer has been a great one!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks, David! Summer has been busy here for me with chores and projects... all good. I hope your summer has been good, too.

mary maxam said...

wow! wildly successful and they put me right there in the field. Excellent

Diana Moses Botkin said...

"Wildly successful" sounds good to me! Thanks, dear Mary.

Jane Hunt said...

Definitely not alone with the difficulties! These are beautiful though, esp love the tree!