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Friday, October 31, 2014

Portrait Workshop in OKC

I have another Portrait Workshop scheduled in Oklahoma City soon. Dates are Thursday and Friday, November 13th and 14th. It will be held at Geatches Art Studio in the Paseo District.

I'll be doing demos from live models and teaching how to capture a likeness in charcoal and then in oil.

My goal for this workshop is to help participants see the model, and develop skills in capturing a likeness. No matter the style or experience I will try to assist and encourage each one. Students can follow my lead for using charcoal to start with and then trying a portrait in oils. Or if some would like to work in charcoal for all sessions, that's okay.

Please message me if you'd like more info, or visit the event page about it on facebook.


hmuxo said...

I would have loved to join your workshop, Diana!! Your lucky students!!!

Jane Hunt said...

Sounds like a fantastic workshop Diana - wish I was closer! I've been really enjoying your plein air works - looking great

Susan said...

I must echo Jane's comment - I do wish I lived closer and could attend!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks, Jane and Susan. That would be a lot of fun to have you in class, or simply go paint together. I would love it if it ever works out.

hmuxo said...

I seem to be missing out on so many workshops living in New York!! I agree with these ladies and wish I lived closer..

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Well, Hilda, I bet there are some good ones in New York.