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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Painting the Brilliance

“Late Light on the Marsupials”
Original oil, 8"x10"
©2014 Diana Moses Botkin

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$300 USD + $12 SH

I've been finishing up a few pieces lately which needed some work. This is one I started on location at Smith Rock over a year ago as the sun was setting.

At such times, I try to capture that last golden, rosy light, working as quickly as I can to get something on canvas of the spectacle. It's impossible to paint fast enough to really get any detail and I'm lucky if I can record a bit of how those few minutes of glory left me feeling.

So, this sat in a corner of my studio, lonely and neglected, but full of promise if I could just do enough to bring it up to snuff. How to do that exactly played in my mind every time I looked at the unfinished piece.

Now, I've added some detail, construed from a photo taken at another time, because I hadn't attempted one while working on this painting. The rapidly disappearing light at the time made it impossible, plus I simply didn't bother to use the camera in my hurry to paint the moment.

Three times I changed the sky, and finally settled on a violet shade of blue that remained in my memory even after the other attempts. I think it's close to what I saw at the scene.


mary maxam said...

the forms are modeled perfectly here and the values spot on! Love the viewpoint as well.

hmuxo said...

What a beautiful place to visit and to paint here is an added plus! You painted this perfectly.. Wish I was there right now.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mary and Hilda. I appreciate the input. And I wish I was there right now, too, Hilda.... and that it was a hot and bright summer day!

Susan said...

It's gorgeous - and the grand finale was well worth the wait!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Oh thank you, Susan. I have a couple more studies from that trip to Smith Rock that I don't know yet if I'll toss or finish.